To get a high-performance oven to save your time and to provide high-quality food, check to start with buying our professional cook chill.

One of the Electrolux cooking and cooling technologies is equipment that provides both cooking and cooling of the furnace in one system. A feature of the technology is that both the process of preparation and cooling or further storage is possible without loss of taste, nutritional value and properties of the product itself. Thus, you get a useful ready-made product.

Professional cook chill advantages

Among the advantages of our equipment is:

  • the best quality;
  • exceptional reliability;
  • minimum cost of their safety.

Consider many innovative technologies, such as the IWS system, as they improve the results and guarantee optimal washing. Electrolux manufactures versatile commercial dishwashers that vary in design type. If you need the best dishwashing solution for your bar, choose a rack, front-loading, and others.

Pay attention to small work surfaces, as they are characterized by optimal size and high performance. Air-o-Steam is a new unique technology developed by Electrolux, which can be used for kitchen personnel and provide an easy and understandable way of cooking in professional kitchens and for beginner chefs. You will cook dishes in the Air-O-Steam oven that will be juicy, fresh and fragrant.