Table ping pong is quite a popular game. There are a lot of multifunctional tennis tables in all summer camps, educational institutions, and even offices. The game requires a ball and a good paddle for ping pong, optimally suited to the player.

Beginners and professionals have different techniques, play style, and personal preferences. For example, there are 2 main tactics used in table tennis: active and protective. In the first case, the player will approach the fast base, easily spinning in his hand. The second tennis player needs to hold in strong pitches, the base must be slow.

It turns out that everyone who wants to try their hand at this sport needs to know which ping pong paddles are best suited for them You can visit to find best ping pong paddle.

What is needed to play ping pong?

You need to know the basic selection criteria. Any ping pong paddle must be comfortable in the hand and not bring discomfort. Otherwise, the game will not bring as much pleasure as it could. To avoid inconvenience, with the purchase you need to pay attention to its basis, which affects the convenience and quality of the game. Each paddle is made from different types of wood, but in order to make the racket more rigid, you can add a carbon insert. Players can choose ping pong paddle depending on their experience:

  • Team paddles that must be suitable for professional players;
  • Paddles with 4-5 stars are optimal for players with extensive experience;
  • The fully prepared two-three-star paddle will stand a good service to amateurs;
  • The fully assembled one-star racket is the best solution for players who are just beginning to be interested in tennis.

Another equally important point when choosing a racket is the shape of its handle. It can be flared, straight, anatomical and conical.