Woody perfumes are often considered to be unisex choices. They are based on such notes as bark, moss, etc. The rest of the components can be absolutely different, i.e. create various impressions. Yet they are all strong, empowering, and great for the office days during any season. Let’s go over the brightest representatives of the category and discover the ones that are wonderful for your taste.

2 brightest representatives

Gucci by Gucci suits great for compassionate ladies. It is very balanced and based on such notes as patchouli, oakmoss. The first notes you feel are guava and pear. Such a combination is sure to bring out your character and become your signature scent. In case you like this style, you can also try Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. They are a bit similar but the latter one is more tender and sweet. You are sure to feel the blend of vanilla, sandalwood, suede, a hint of smoke.

Comprar Narciso Rodriguez for Her if you like orange flowers. It’ll make you stand out by the velvety glowing musk notes. Feel the seduction and drowse in the sunshine. The impression left from this fragrance is sure to mesmerize lots of people. Use it in the spring and summer seasons to feel your best.

This category is rich in choices and you don’t have to stop with one of these 2. Try Chanel No. 19 or Britney Spears Believe. Explore the variety this category offers and find the most suitable option.