Beautiful and well-groomed hands always make women more attractive. That’s why they paint their nails in different colors, make up various patterns and other designs. They do everything to make their nails more unique. If you lack the imagination and can’t create the design on your own, you can always find some interesting idea on the Internet and show to your nail master.


  • Red color

Red manicure is a classic version of covering your nails. Indeed, one of the most popular colors of manicure is red and its shades. This color of nail design is the most versatile. This manicure will fit almost any clothing.

  • Pink color

If you do not like to risk, or you just do not like red color, you can choose a pink nail design.

Pink manicure is less aggressive. It will delicately emphasize your femininity and make your hands very gentle.

  • Black color

If you are not afraid to take risks and like to experiment, feel free to choose the black color of nail design. By the way, black manicure will fit perfectly the dark clothing.

  • Extravagant manicure color

Nowadays it is very difficult to surprise anyone with the unusual color of the nails. Yellow, blue, green and even purple color manicure is quite a common thing. You can find a great palette of diverse gel polish color at the kodi professional official site.

There is a wide range of different designs for every manicure colors. You can choose any based on your preferences!