Everyone understands that a decision to have a child is a very responsible and important step, but it is also worth remembering that both partners must make this decision. How can you know that you’re ready to have a child?

How to know you’re ready to have a child

First, let’s define what it means to be ready to have a child is. First of all, this includes the following:

  1. The love between a man and a woman
  2. Responsibility for your actions
  3. Willingness to work on difficulties
  4. The desire to have a child
  5. Understanding “why” and “what can you give him”

And, of course, there should be external and internal resources designed to ensure the normal growth and development of the baby.

According to EggDonors.asia, this is the set of answers and tools that are most likely to allow you to raise a nice loving person and happily go through all the periods of his development while maintaining a harmonious relationship with your partner.

External resources

These, first of all, include some financial stability of the couple. If you and your partner study at a university, live in a dormitory, and partly depend on the financial assistance of their parents, you are definitely not ready to have a third family member.

And what if you do not have your own apartment or car? This is not so important if you can afford to rent suitable housing. At the same time, you must be completely financially independent. Not having a car doesn’t mean that you’re not ready to have a child.

Internal resources

The second, but no less important aspect, is psychological readiness. When a baby appears, the newly-minted parents have no opportunity to work out a common strategy for life and upbringing because they simply did not have time to discuss and settle it all. Misunderstanding increases between them, resulting in frequent quarrels, which quite often ends with a breakup. Both of you need to be ready to have a child.